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Double Decker American Apparel To Spandex-ify The Loop

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Just days after American Apparel avoided bankruptcy and droves of its fans rejoiced, the Dov Charney empire continues to fiercely expand in Chicago. Construction is currently underway for a gigantic two-story American Apparel store at the corner of State & Monroe, filling the fomer home of The Children's Place. With two floors soon be filled with leggings, stretchy skirts and shirts in a rainbow of colors, we couldn't help but notice that this Mega-merican Apparel is conveniently located one block away from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. And, if art students can't live without their gold lame leggings and V-neck tees, the "If you build it, they will come" mindset that likely caused the company's too-rapid expansion in the first place might just work this time around.—Chai Lee
· American Apparel [Official Website]