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$5 Will Buy You Early Entry to Giorgio Armani's 40% Off Sale

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Right around Halloween weekend, hundreds of lucky Gilt City New York members snapped up $5 advanced tickets for a sneak peek at the mind-blowing Yves Saint Laurent friends and family sale at Chelsea's Metropolitan Pavilion. Now Gilt City Chicago is attempting to create a private sale frenzy in this town: for five bucks, GCC members can gain early access to Giorgio Armani’s 40% off fall/winter sale on November 18. Last we checked, plenty of tickets seem to still be available. If only the deal were similar to the YSL sale’s amazing “up to 75% off” offer, the Gilt site would have completely crashed by now. — Chai Lee
· Gilt City Chicago [Official Site]

Giorgio Armani

800 North Michigan Avenue,
 Chicago, IL