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Nick Cave's Vogue-Approved SoundSuitShop Pops Up in the South Loop

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Just months after his wearable "SoundSuits" art series was featured in Vogue's September issue, local artist Nick Cave converted his storefront studio space into an "actual world of wonder."

Cave teamed up with multimedia designer Bob Faust to open this pop-up designer showcase of avant garde accessories and gifts on East 23rd st at Michigan Ave. The lonely stretch of old Chicago loft buildings, between the south end of McCormick Place and Chinatown, feels just derelict enough to inspire the feeling that something special is about to happen to the neighborhood. SoundSuitShop may just be the kickstart that this neighborhood needs. But first, the SoundSuits.

Whether this pop-up is geared more towards collectors or consumers, we're not sure, as many of the designers were actually artists (or vice versa). This blurring of roles seemed to entice shoppers regardless, who perused the space and actually laid down some coin on items like big-ticket fur and underwear-inspired gym bags, as well as blown-glass cuffs.

Need unique holiday gifts? They've also got odd trinkets like a natural-hair blush brush fitted with a reptile skin handle and a white leather celebration cone-hat coated in goose feathers. Our favorite item had to be the Lenticular Notebook for $25.

After drawing our attention to some some limited-edition wrapping paper printed with baby bears, Nick explained to us that this pop-up is officially titled "Body Implement," and that it's not just his work. He's invited a slew of creatives to exhibit and sell their wearable art as well, including Alice Berry, Gillion Carrara, Jack Cave, Creatures of the Wind, Abigail Glaum-Lathbury, Anke Loh, RedShift, Frei, Katrin Schnabl, and Tommy Walton.

When the "Body Implement" pop-up is gone, Cave will still be inhabiting the space, but to construct and sew his next big SoundSuit (to see SoundSuits in motion, check out this crazy video). Upon completion, the suit will then travel to the next Pop-Up destination in Philadelphia, opening December 10. After that, off to New York for a summer showing at Mary Boone Gallery, accompanied by another planned SoundSuitShop Pop-Up, in Chelsea. Cave says there will be many more "surprising items" and SoundSuit-branded merchandise when he makes it to New York. For once, Chicago has something first! ? Jared Hatch
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