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Jack Spade Tips Its Hat and Says Hello to Chicago

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Well, lookee here: Jack Spade—maker of the rugged-but-not-too-rugged collection of bags, menswear, and accessories for the urban gentleman—has found new digs in town. Even though the store doesn’t officially open until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we paid an unannounced visit the other day to see what the space looks like. Our first impressions: a lil’ bookish, a lil’ quirky, and totally cool.

Presently the store is pretty much furnished—spotted are bags in various shapes and sizes, plus a nice pile of sweaters and shirts poking out. We are already convinced that Jack Spade and its men’s clothing store neighbor George Greene will form some sort of long-lasting bromance. More pics later! Stay tuned.

Jack Spade [Official Site]

Jack Spade

47 East Oak Street, Chicago, IL