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Rummaging Through Post-H&Mageddon Merchandise

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It’s now been a couple of days since the massive Lanvin x H&M launch, and for those of us who weren’t so lucky to nab the Grade A apparel and accessories, we’re pretty much left with slim pickings of the H&Mageddon aftermath.

Since hordes of shoppers tore through the merchandise with such a speedy pace over the weekend, all the good stuff was pretty much cleared out except for a few racks here and there marked with the “Lanvin (hearts) H&M” signs. The super pouffy Tulle Dresses in red and gray ($249) were barely touched, and the paper thin Feather Collar Trench marked at the $349 price point proved a bit too steep for anyone to care. We also came across a stash of canvas tote bags ($3.95), black-and-gray striped cotton scarves ($19.95), and a meager selection of large-sized men’s button-up shirts in blue and brown ($49).

That's the last Lanvin x H&M update, ladies and gentlemen. So if you’ve always wanted to stock up on big pouffy dresses, now is the time to shop.

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