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Visit Macy's Tonight And Get a Perfectly Fitting Pair of Dockers

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On top of the effort as it takes to buy a pair of pants, schlepping them to the tailor, saying goodbye to them for a week and hoping they return hemmed correctly makes the entire process harder than, say, just trying on a pair.

With Dockers' Customization Lounge at Macy's State Street tonight, though, gone are the days of men going two-stop shopping. From 3:30pm —7:30pm, on-site stylists can shorten, lengthen, taper or even distress new pairs of Dockers, all without having to hold on to a pesky paper dry cleaning ticket. The entire customization process is free, too, and with refreshments and a DJ spinning live tunes, you might be able to have a treat and bust a move in your new pants, all before dinnertime. Win-win!
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