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Cram's Naughty & Nice Holiday Party: Partial Nudity and Meat Tees

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Our man about town Jared Hatch checks out Cram's Naughty & Nice Holiday Party, Traver Rains' T-shirt line, and other delicacies.

Cram on Broadway has once again lured us into the men's store with a sale and go-go dancers. And wherever there's partial nudity, there will be booze. And, of course, we were there.

This event was billed as the "Naughty & Nice Party" but we're still not sure what was the "nice" part because it all seemed so damn naughty. One of the first conversations we overheard was "If only you knew who we knew, you'd be invited to John Travolta's new year's eve party too." Immediately put off and choking on our champagne, we looked around and realized that there was slightly more to this party than just the stereotypically vapid gaggle of gays sifting through racks of translucent low cut clothing. There was Heatherette's Richie Rich's ex-business partner Traver Rains—who's since gotten himself a new business partner and a T-shirt line. The collection is called T-Rains by Traver Rains and is known mostly for its punky silk screened T-shirts and Rains' club appearances in LA.

Some of the items that were present and for sale at Cram's Naughty & Nice Party from the T-Rains line were shirts that were silk screened the day of the event depicting cheeseburgers, Lady Gaga-inspired meat, and the limited edition Merry XXX-Mas tee shirt. Other than that, there were two guys walking around in T-Rains clothing and more booze. Oh! and sexy dancing Santas—but you can't walk five feet in Lakeview without bumping into one of those at this time of year. The Cram discount was 30% on apparel excluding accessories and the limited edition T-shirts. Cram doesn't regularly stock the entire collection of T-Rains' t-shirts, so if you missed it this time around, make sure to keep yourself posted by checking Cram's website.
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