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EXCLUSIVE: Vacant Anthropologie Location Gets New Tenant

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Our man about town Jared Hatch walks in on a secret deal going down at the now-vacant former Anthropologie space on North State Street. And he films this video.

Yesterday, your Racked secret agents got a top-secret tipoff.

Place: 1120 North State Street
Time: 2:05 pm
The Situation: The door was unlocked and the lights were off.

What was about to go down—we had no idea.

After gaining access to the vacated building, we cautiously walked toward the back of the space to find three men. Two of them were handing off what looked to be a small envelope and talking about the space's features. The third man rushed quickly toward us and noticed we had our camera. Thankfully, nobody noticed we were there until after we shot our creepy video (above).

The man introduced himself as the David, and identified himself as the landlord. He later told us the two men were exchanging the key to the space and papers have been inked. "You can look for a sign soon," he said. David was unable to let us know exactly what company is leasing the space or even if the purpose is retail or restaurant and reiterated, "You can look for a sign in the windows soon." He then told us that the building was completed in 1961 and needs a little work to be updated. Even though our suspicions are rooted in retail, the building first started as a grocery store, then housed a McDonalds before it turned over to Anthropologie, so if the next tenant is selling food, it wouldn't be the first time for this space. The whole secret hand-off lasted about 10 minutes.

Don't worry, we'll keep you posted on any major developments—unless it turns out to be a restaurant in which case you'll have to refer to our favorite sibling: Eater Chicago.

You heard it first on Racked, folks.

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