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Roosevelt Collection For Sale; Curbed Cup Finalists; More!

Photo by Flickr user Zol87

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And now the latest from Curbed Chicago, covering everything you want to know about the city's neighborhoods.

SOUTH LOOP: After two years, developer Centrum Properties has managed to lease just 23 percent of the 398,000 square feet of retail space in Roosevelt Collection. Now they're looking to wash their hands of the mixed-use development altogether, offering to sell the different components separately or as one packaged deal.

EVERYWHERE: The finalists are set for Curbed Cup 2010! After #7-ranked South Loop beat Lincoln Square and #8 Uptown eliminated Logan Square, the two lowest seeds in the tournament will square off in the final round of Curbed's Neighborhood of the Year tournament.

GOLD COAST: Like hardwood? Then you'll love this 7,600-square-foot home designed by architect A.M.F Colton. A whole forest must have been sacrificed to account for all the mahogany wainscoting, mantels and molding in the mansion.