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Rick Owens Commissions Party Hats from Chicago's Kristin Mariani

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Our man about town Jared Hatch gets the scoop on designer Kristin Mariani's special order from Rick Owens HQ—just in time for New Year's Eve!

Performance Photo Credit: David Ettinger

Chicago-based artist and designer, Kristin Mariani, the creative mind behind the label Redshift, has just been commissioned by Rick Owens to fill an order of "as many hats as possible" in time for New Years' celebrations around the globe. The hats Owens wants are the headpieces worn in Mariani's performance and Look Book In Ridicule of Spectacle.

Last week, the Italian CEO of Rick Owens walked into a meeting with one of Kristin's black leather party hats on her head. (If you're sitting in a cubicle, aren't you jealous you can't wear conceptual clothing like this?) The hat was a gift from the Director of Owen's Paris store, who was vacationing in Chicago over Thanksgiving and picked up several hats in both feather and leather at Nick Cave's SoundSuit Shop. By the time last Friday morning came around, Kristin was hand crafting editions of 10 hats for each of Owen's boutiques in Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, London, Paris, and Seoul.

If you're celebrating New Years in Chicago, you can purchase one in leather or feather at June Blaker (870 N. Orleans), with Mariani's special edition of 3. They're selling for $179 and if you want to rock out in style you can call Rick Owens' NY store to get it in time for new year's eve.
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