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Borders' Liquidation and Waiting for the Topshop Takeover

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Our man about town Jared Hatch with an update on the Borders-Topshop transition.

Borders Books and Music on Michigan Ave at Pearson is now selling their bookshelves. It's been a few weeks since they started the sale and finally, we're starting to see the bare walls in the 30,000 square foot space soon to be America's second Topshop after the SoHo location in New York.

With so few books now lining Borders' walls, they've now started selling their store fixtures for $50—not a bad deal if you need a huge unstylish magazine rack and don't want to go all the way to CB2 in Lincoln Park. There are also dated cafe tables and clunky chairs that will go on sale in the next few days. If you haven't visited your soon-to-be-closed Borders, now would be a perfect time to snatch up some somewhat irrelevant (and safe) gifts for your office party. The major markdowns continue through the end of this week. When all of the useful books and gift items are sold, the remaining riff-raff goes on MEGA markdown and all the Borders hoarders come out of the woodwork. Our best suggestion would be to get your dust mask and some Lysol, walk over before all the good stuff is gone. Except if you want the new Tom Clancy novel or any travel book, there's plenty (for now). Magazines and periodicals are not on sale. Borders closes for good on January 7th, takes a bow and tips it's top hat to the incoming Topshop.
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