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Few Tears During Borders' Final Hours; Topshop Transition Begins

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Last Friday at 10:45pm, minutes before Borders' closure, very few bookworms were reminissicing about the good ole days of waiting in line for the anticlimactic post-haiatus Third Eye Blind CD, or reading How Stella Got Her Groove Back on the big comfy couch in the basement corner during the blizzard of '96. Actually, very few shoppers visited borders all of its last week. Even efforts to sell the last few hardcovers of Sanjaya's book proved to be difficult—which we regret because if you've ever touched his hair, you would own that book. Trust us. Coolers stocked of Full-Throttle energy drink and shelves of lonesome Sony E-Readers at a $100 discount were even just a little too late for the Christmas crowds. It's always fun to see what products are the least popular and to see the creatures that are interested in purchasing them. We started to notice that the evolution of Borders' massive liquidation sale started to slow the week of Christmas and extra incentive was needed to sell off the remaining inventory. Finally, its over and with the new year, we look toward the Topshop transition. Plus we'll let you know when the designer scaffolding is erected and keep you posted on any clues to Topshop's floor layout as they begin to form. — Jared Hatch
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