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Batteries Not Included's New Window Display Features Sarah Palin

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Our man about town Jared Hatch checks out how stores are preparing for the, um, erotic toy season—window displays galore!

Adult novelty store Batteries Not Included has said good bye to 2010 by putting away the Christmas tree and digging out the annual Pieces of Ass kinetic window display from its storage unit. Not to be confused in any way with the delightfully funny off-Broadway hit, "Pieces (of ass)", this year's window display has added Sarah Palin to the mix. Sarah looks to be portrayed wearing a red lace face mask and a remnant of the Alaskan forest. Hmm.

In preparation for the erotic toy season, many shops are pulling out all the stops to showcase whats new in the plugs and whips arena. Batteries Not Included has admittedly not added many new things to their inventory this year, but they're always a good stop for that one unforgettable bachelorette party. Next week, in search of 'the next big thing' and the cutting-edge vibe we'll be heading over to Tulip.

UPDATE: The display was created by Chicago-area window designer Lee Kay.
· Batteries Not Included [Yelp]

Batteries Not Included

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