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Burberry To Build A Five-Story Flagship on Michigan Avenue?

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How’s this for a tantalizing rumor of the day: Burberry’s two-story store at the corner of Michigan and Ontario might be completely demolished some time this year in order to make way for a brand new, luxurious five-story flagship.

How are we so certain? Well, for starters, there has been a rather obvious “public notice” displayed in their northernmost window on Michigan Avenue since early December. The construction petition, with Burberry Limited in New York as the primary applicant, refers to their intention of “eliminating a loading berth for a five story retail building.” According to internet chatter, this suggests that rather than the developer, the tenant is actually handling the permit—one who knows what it means to set up a flagship. If this construction gets the go-ahead, it will bode well for the design and quality of the project and Burberry’s long-term expectations for Boul Mich. This application will be yayed or nayed by the City of Chicago Zoning Board of Appeals on Friday, January 21 (cross your fingers).

Another reason why we’re confident that the Windy City will most likely get a new Burberry flagship: back in spring of 2001, Chicago was handpicked as the first location outside of London to receive a complete store renovation and image overhaul. Since then, the company has launched flashier and even more cutting-edge flagships in New York and San Francisco. The two-level, 9,000-square-foot store on Michigan Avenue—which has been open since 1981—is due for another drastic makeover.

Employees at Burberry could not confirm any further details about the future of their store, but we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything.

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