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Things to Buy at Macy's: A $5,500 Portrait of SNL's Seth Meyers

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It's never too early to start thinking about Valentine's Day presents—and if your dearly beloved happens to be a fan of Saturday Night Live and you happen to have $5,500 lying around, you might just want to check out the eighth floor of Macy's on State Street, where you'll find a portrait of SNL's Seth Meyers for sale. Oh, and it's legit—as in, the actor-comedian actually sat for the portrait. Meyers tells WBEZ:

5/6 years ago I went to Chicago for a charity event. There was a giftbag that included a sitting at a portrait gallery. I was DEFINITELY the only person there who went up and did the sitting. The nicest dude on earth was running the place and took the photos. I explained to him that my goal was to get a giant oil painting of myself for my brother. He understood that I was posing ironically. I got the proofs but paying for the portrait was prohibitively expensive. I seriously considered it but it seemed wasteful to drop that kind of money for something my brother might hate.
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111 N State St., Chicago, IL