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French Connection Packs Its Bags, Says FCUK U to The Water Tower

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Our man about town Jared Hatch stops by the French Connection at Water Tower Place to find, well, it was closing down. Dunzo.

Last night, a few hours before it was scheduled to happen, French Connection in Water Tower Place put a big room divider in front of their windows and closed for business. Although Water Tower management rules state that stores not open later or close earlier than pre-determined mall hours, FCUK did just that. Sorry that we couldn't shop the final markdowns at sixty percent, we sulked off only to review our photos and reflect on our shopping experience of the the previous day which turned out to be the last full day the store stayed open. The racks were collapsed, the cardigans were in boxes and there were only five racks left of men's clothing in the back and most of current season for women in the front window.

The staff seemed excited to get into that brown bag (whatever libation it contained) and not acknowledging the closure too much. We didn't ask a whole lot of questions, but it doesn't take a mathmagician to find out that the lease is up and next to the down escalator on the 5th floor of The Water Tower is not the hottest location for retail.

If you are one of the sad shoppers wondering where to get your trendy khakis we did some more math and found out that suburban Hoffman Estates-based Sears will start selling FCUK in March. So good news, to people who still to shop at FCUK: you're ahead of the curve and toward the top of the food chain at Sears.
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