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J. Mendel Closes Chicago Flagship For Good on New Year's Eve

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Its been a slow four years for J. Mendel on N. Michigan Ave. The boutique ended 2010 quietly by closing on Friday afternoon. For the past few weeks, all clothing has been on sale, marked down 45% to 75%—the shelves were still messily stocked with amazingly crafted furs and gowns when the doors locked for good on the 31st.

J. Mendel's corporate offices in New York were unable to return calls the past two weeks because they were busy. So we Skyped Tamilla, a J. Mendel sales representative at Harrods in London. She had no idea what was happening with the Chicago store (we didn't expect her to) but is sorry to hear that it was closing. Tamilla suggests that if you live in Chicago and are interested in any of J. Mendel's garments, you can still order online or call her at Harrods. The two sales associates we spoke with at the Chicago boutique will be taking a break to re-assess and spend more time with their families.

It was made clear to Racked that J. Mendel will not open another location in Chicago and is not currently looking for another city in the region to set up shop. No word yet if there is another tenant in line for the space but chances are that whomever takes over the small storefront will not sell luxe French fur coats. — Jared Hatch
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