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Akira's NYE Bash Featured Naked People and Victorian Costumes

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Our man about town Jared Hatch hits up the Akira new year's eve bash, can't find the cotton candy, but gets a NSFW photo taken (check it out after the jump) with two body-painted pretty-much naked ladies.

Maybe we saw you at Akira's 2011 NYE "Time Traveler" bash over the weekend? Well, we don't remember much after the third drink and we're still recovering from Saturday and Sunday. We'd like to take a minute now to reflect on that big Akira NYE party we told you about last week.

Although the line was long and the entry was a bit slow moving, beautiful Germania Place Ballroom was packed with promotional displays and a pretty good crowd. We were expecting dude-bros galore and glittery mean girls from the suburbs but on the contrary, found there were many different subcultures represented and a lot of enjoyable social misfits and socialites. Partnering this diversity with the the slew of hired performers, witch initially sounded like a clusterfuck, made this party atmosphere Akira created comfortable because its so much easier to talk with people due to the lack of pretentiousness.

Jared, in a slightly NSFW moment

Liquor was heavy and everywhere which probably did get a little ridiculous later in the morning. Bartenders were pouring stiff but ran out of a lot of the advertised fare and partner brands like Jack Daniels and Fuze. Excited about the cotton candy and popcorn, we searched high and low but to no avail. The only pass hors d'oeuvres we saw was a few endives on a platter and the most disappointing was the champagne's disappearing act before midnight. Its not like the lack of a toast was a big deal for most people because the open bar was the star of the show.

We weren't too sure what the Smart Water installation was, we didn't fully grasp the idea of "Time Travel" as a slew of Victorian people, and we told you so about the ice sculptures. Yes, we didn't 'get it' with some of Akira's surprise stunts, but we did like the Svedka Photo Booth, LA Tan's body painted models, the bartenders who had Fuze left, the beautiful people in the VIP lounge, and the Germania Place Ballroom itself. Oh and the music. We can't forget a shout out to all these DJs.

It was a big crowd and everyone did have a rockin' good time so we give Akira's Time Traveler NYE Bash 8 out of 10 stars.
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