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Wal-Mart Gets Local & Tech Savvy with Facebook

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Earlier this week Wal-Mart and Facebook announced their partnership to strengthen connectivity between the consumers and local stores. The My Local Wal-Mart page (after it accesses your basic information) lets you follow the store nearest to you based on your zip code to find items that have recently been reduced in price, new items, ask questions to and interact with that Wal-Mart store and find in-store events.

The My Local Wal-Mart application, will post twice per week or as seen needed by each local store manager, for example if a local high school is having a football game or bake sale. This all comes in efforts for the mega chain to increase quality of customer service on a more personal level.

All the pages are pretty lackluster right now, (we're the 26th to 'like' the one on North Ave) purely speculating, we have a feeling these store-specific pages will start to be a little like the future of interaction with the stores and mayhaps eventually through this partnership allow a shopping cart directly on the My Local Wal-Mart page.
· Wal-Mart [Official Site]
· Walmart Chicago W North Ave [Facebook]


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