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Garic Stephens Used Unisex Cuts, Hot Music and Vintage Fabric for his Current Collection

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Last Friday night at Lumen in the West Loop SYWBAD Season One contestant and winner of 2011 Project:Design at Saint Louis Fashion Week, Stephen Curd of Garic Stephens showed his new collection. Produced by Luxury Management, the feel of the night was lounge-y and relaxed with a pretty uni-sexual vibe.
All Garic Stephens' collections have been tight and defined with Spring being the best to date. The overall feel of the current Garic Stephens collection was inspired by the music of Mstrkrft featuring John Legend and a few tracks from The Tantrums.

Steven, Saint Louis born, Chicago-based tells us that every time he returns to Missouri he always visits a small antique store looking for life inspirations. Earlier this year while shopping there he found several bolts of vintage fabric. The two textiles in particular he loved working with were a gold linen and a tan wool that were used in a jacket and a zig zag skirt.
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