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EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Haberdash EDC Concept

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Don't ask us how we did it, but we did. We got a hold of the most up-to-date drawings of the new Haberdash EDC in River North. The EDC concept It looks like its a wood-clad and dark accented space. Similarly to their neighboring space, there is shelving along the wall and a staircase leading to the lower level. By these drawings we can see where all categories are placed in the shop and more importantly how the shoes will be organized. Also, that there'll plenty of natural light in the apothecary section. There are two rolling glass cases presumably for collar stays, cuff links, clips and wallets and watches. We still have not heard who the barber will be but we have a sneaking suspicion he'll have a mustache and a tattoo.
· Haberdash EDC [Haberdash]


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