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Project Accessory Episode One Recap and Diego Rocha's Brazilian-themed Screening

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Photos courtesy of Laercio Luz

Last night at Texas De Brazil Diego Rocha, his family, friends, fans and groupies packed a room to watch the first episode of Project Accessory. Noshing on Brazilian delights like picanha, shrimp avocado mousse, Brazilian sausages and sipping caipirinhas. They gathered around a flatscreen to watch:

As the episode started out, the contestants got a package from Ebay containing a t-shirt and jeans. They were then loaded into a van and made the long haul to a storage facility in New Jersey where they met Molly Sims and Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti. Molly and Eva tell the contestants they have to get all their materials from the contents of two storage lockers and proceed to thrash the junk around and scavenge for chinese lantern wicker, chandelier pieces, matches, office chair wheels, a teddy bear and more. This was actually the most adventurous part of the episode but we wonder why they had to drive to NJ to sort through trash. There is plenty of trash in NY.

The designers went back to the work room with the Swarovski Wall where they made belts and necklaces, rings and clutches out of the storage facility finds. They then presented the work to the judging panel, Molly Sims, Kenneth Cole, Ariel Foxman, editor of InStyle and Debra Messing.

While Nina, Diego, Brian, James, Cotrice, and Nicolina were the ones who were chosen to stay on the stage and be critiqued, the rest went backstage and were safe. Nina ended up winning the challenge and Diego's clutch was very well received. James' Belt however transformed the model into a luau queen. In the end both Diego and James were safe with the bottom two being Nicoloeta and Cotrice. Finally after much suspense, Cotrice was eliminated saving our Midwestern rockstar jewelry maker from going back to Minneapolis... for now at least.
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