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Project Runway's Peach Carr Launches Peach Goes Pink

Peach Carr working with Peach Goes Pink Fabric
Peach Carr working with Peach Goes Pink Fabric

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Project Runway's season eight sweetheart, Peach Carr has been hard at work for quite a while now working on her fall line set to launch this Thursday at Supreme Novelty Fabrics. The event, dubbed Peach Goes Pink, will also launch the "Peach Goes Pink" signature fabrics, designed by Richard Schneider. 25% of sales at the event are donated to Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time on BPT.
· Supreme Novelty Fabrics [Official Site]
· Peach Carr [Official Site]

Supreme Novelty Fabrics

2156 W Fulton, Chcago IL