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J.C. Penney is Getting Two Spicy Execs Onboard

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The former Target Vice President and Chief of Marketing, Michael R. Francis is now thinking creatively for J.C. Penney. He was the man behind the campaigns that set Target ahead in mass retail. He'll be in charge of merchandising, marketing, planning and allocation, product development and sourcing functions. All of this is similar to what he's done with Target. He'll be working with Ron C. Johnson, who becomes Penney’s chief executive officer in November after heading up Apple retail.
putting their noggin's together, the J.C. Penney brand will most likely go through a necessary modernization. J.C. Penney has been striving to cast a younger, hipper fashion image with such merchandising as Sephora, Olsenboye by the Olsen twins and MNG by Mango, yet still lacks sufficient buzz. [WWD]
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