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What Will Be the Most Vicious Walmart Fight of All

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According to A-Ville Daily, 48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman held his first town hall meeting tonight at the Swedish Museum. And one of the loudest and clearest messages from Alderman Osterman was directed squarely at Walmart insisting, "We're not going to have a Walmart. I'll fight them tooth and nail."

Walmart is in the process of trying to open a small urban market in the 44th ward, and the vacant Borders Building or buildings on Broadway Avenue could be attractive properties for Walmart in the future.

Asked by a constituent to talk more about Walmart and Ald. Osterman said, "I would say no. I've already told them I don't want them to come into the 48th." When asked to explain, he replied: "They'll cannibalize the businesses around them." He dismissed Walmart's attempt to focus on fresh fruits saying that he had already met with other options for fresh market vendors both large and small.
· Osterman to Walmart: I'LL FIGHT THEM TOOTH AND NAIL" [A-Ville Daily]

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