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Intelligent, Timeless & Iconic: The New Christina Makowsky Collection

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With a design degree from FIT, and 28 years of industry experience, Christina Makowsky became inspired to design her own namesake luxury brand. The Christina Makowsky brand mantra encompasses integrity and exclusivity, therefore, in common designer practice, garments are never mass produced and are created and marketed in limited quantities.

Christina Makowsky is an intelligent, iconic collection of timeless fashion pieces which any well-dressed woman should have in her wardrobe. The brand is committed to providing the highest quality pieces, made from the finest fabrics, with enduring workmanship and with impeccable attention to every detail - for example, hand-frayed silk chiffon edging.

To ensure the continued exclusivity of her line, consumers can only purchase the line on her site or via private order at her pop-ups in the US and Europe. Recently. Christina's demand and exposure began to accelerate when Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards and friends visisted her NYC studio for custom-made creations for an event which was filmed and aired on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
· Christina Makowski [Official Site]