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Dissecting this Photo From The Wal-Mart Market Construction on Chicago Avenue at Franklin

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The construction on the new Wal-Mart Market is progressing nicely and we just got this photo of the interior. Hard to believe they're scheduled to be done in a month, but hey -Walmart seems to know how to work miracles. This is what we're told is happening inside the construction right now, and we'll tell you by dissecting this photo: 1) Skylights beautifully illuminating dust. 2) Mesh for strengthening concrete under refrigeration units after electric is in place. 3) New Heating, ventilation and air conditioning is being installed. 4) Plywood for the walls of the offices and restrooms. 5) We're told its a mixing agent but we don't know what that means. Additionally, the building just had tuck pointer guys up in there so we think there's going to be a whole lot of exposed brick. And if you're still hungry we've got another photo here.
· Walmart [Official Site]

Wal-Mart Market

225 W Chicago Ave, Chicago IL