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Contraptions From The Future That Will Change Your Life: Part 1: The Peel by Yves Behar

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In the wake of Steve Jobs' death we have found ourselves reevaluating the technology that we utilize day to day. These are products that should be useful, well designed, and easy to understand. One of the products that we've come across is an Yves Behar-designed device called Peel. It's a sleek, small, architecturally crafted device that when paired with a the free Peel app, turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a remote control - creating an easier way to watch TV, eliminating multiple remotes and dusty cables.

Users simply pull up the Peel app on their iPhone or iPod touch, click on a show and it appears on the TV regardless of what channel or TV component it's playing on. Users can also use the Peel fruit to change channels, control volume and turn the TV on or off from within the app all while still accepting incoming texts and doing normal phone functions.

Peel's iOs personal TV show application including custom menus, smart search and multitasking. Peel makes it easy to find and discover favorite shows with custom tailored programming recommendations in an intuitive application. Once a user has favorited a show or selected a channel as a favorite, users can easily see what is on TV from their customized menus. Touch one of the thumbnails and the app displays a brief description of the episode or movie that is playing.

Once you start typing the first few letters of a show or channel Peel returns results in real time. When you find a show you’d like to watch, simply tap “Watch it on TV” and it tunes-in your home entertainment system to begin playing the program. As you watch, Peel fine-tunes your TV recommendations based on your likes, dislikes and social interactions.

There's even a social feature which allows uber social users to share what they are watching via Facebook and Twitter from within the app. Users can view how many other Peel users have favorited a show via Facebook / Twitter and even see how the show ranks in its genre according to Peel users on individual show pages with stats and show information.

If you feel the Peel will enhance your lifestyle you can download the app and start fooling around with it. After that, you can order the Peel itself by heading to the Peel site.
· Peel [Official Site]