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Thom Browne Creates Limited Edition Gift Bag for Dewars Twelve Year Old Whiskey

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Thom Browne has designed a new limited edition holiday gift bag for Dewar’s, which is included when you buy the classic twelve year old whiskey in stylish liquor stores around the country. WWD said it will be available at Lush Wine & Spirits on Chicago Ave but Lush still hasn't confirmed that with the distributor. It's Dubbed the Browne Bag, (ha) and is the first collaboration in a lifestyle category outside of clothing. The handles of the bag are his signature red, white and blue ribbon. The body of the bag is a stately grey taken from a suit swatch.
· Thom Browne Designed a Browne Bag for Dewar's Whiskey [Racked]

Lush Wine and Spirits

1412 W Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL