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Is Maria Pinto Moving to Paris to Design Lingerie?

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A few weeks ago we heard from a very well placed racked tipster that Maria Pinto was recently traveling abroad in Shanghai where she secretly met up with the high-ups at Paris-based Chantelle Lingerie. Could this be that Chantelle is starting to branch out into ready to wear and "more substantial" pieces that offer more coverage? Also, could this be that Maria Pinto's next line will be financed by and under the brand of Chantelle?

Well we had to find out so we called around to several additional sources and heard that Maria is in talks the company but nobody is saying anything (at least to us) yet. We do know that Chantelle will definitely in the very near future be manufacturing more than lingerie. So is Maria moving to Paris to design Lingerie? Probs not. But we wouldn't be surprised if she started designing again under a different label, perhaps international.
· Maria Pinto [Official Site]
· Chantelle [Official Site]

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