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Intuit Will Teach You How to Make a Holiday Sock Monkey That Foams at the Mouth

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Intuit's upcoming workshop will teach you how to turn old sweaters, socks, and fabrics into upcycled monkeys. This is an amazing opportunity to make a plush monkey for yourself or as a gift for a loved one this holiday season. The DIY sock puppet class workshop will be lead by sock monkey enthusiast Jerry Stefl, who is also an Associate Professor of Art Education at SAIC. Participants are encouraged to bring their own old sweaters or socks, but if you don't have old socks you can dig through the pile of socks they have in the gallery. All other supplies including glitter, buttons, sequins, bottle caps, pipe cleaner and yarn will be provided. The cost for the workshop is $40 for non-members or $30 for members which includes Thai food for lunch.
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Intuit: The Center For Intuitive And Outsider Art

756 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642 312 243 9088


756 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL