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The Official Rules for Shopping Versace for H&M

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With madness ensuing each time a collaboration like this comes out, more stores are laying a few ground rules prepping for a smoother opening. H&M has laid down the ground rules for shopping the Versace for H&M collection on their site. The key points are that you should definitely try to be one of the first 280 people in line; Women will receive a bracelet, men will not; and you cannot buy more than two pieces per product. Click through for the full verbiage of the Official Rules straight from H&M.

The first 280 in line will receive one of 14 different colored bracelets, 20 people for each bracelet color. On the bracelet you will be given a specific time for shopping in our designated area. The bracelets are only needed for our women’s collection. Customers buying the men’s collection will not require a bracelet. When your time slot arrives, you will enter the designated area to shop for 15 minutes. Our goal is to create a better shopping experience for all of our customers.
If you are not one of the first 280 in line, you will of course have the opportunity to shop from the men’s collection or within H&M. When the 14 groups have finished their shopping we will open up the women’s collection to all of our customers.
To make sure as many customers as possible are able to buy from the Versace for H&M collection, we have a shopping limit. Every customer can buy from the entire collection, but with a limit of purchasing a maximum of two pieces per product, ie not more than two sizes (shoes/garments) or pieces (accessories) per product per customer. The shopping limit covers the entire Versace for H&M collection. Your place in line does not guarantee any items from the Versace for H&M collection.

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