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The New Sassoon Salon Pulls Out of 55 E Erie

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Remember back in June when we mentioned that Vidal Sassoon was moving out of its lease in the Water Tower? The Chicago Sassoon team was moving temporarily to the Sassoon Academy at Clark and Lake, and eventually moving into the 55 E Erie tower under a new brand name: Sassoon Salon? Well it's no longer happening.

On July 27th we found out that the construction had been delayed two months due to a signage disagreement with the 55 E condo board and as of this fall the deal had officially fallen through. According to a resident of the building the condo board did not want not want a sign on the outside of the building which forced Sassoon Salon to pull out. Kathy in the management office at 55 E Erie declined to comment.
· Sassoon [Official Site]

55 E Erie

55 E Erie, Chicago IL