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Everyone Needs at Least One Tote Bag With Text

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Deep inside of everyone's closet there lies a tote bag with text that you resent. Maybe you got it from your aunt in the suburbs of Louisville or maybe it was packed with goodies under your chair at the Rosie Show. In efforts to further the environmental friendliness of the city we're urging you to use this shopping season as an opportunity to up your tote bag game with a tote you can connect with. Today we've pulled together a gallery of totes that may be current, charitable, and half-sassy.

-Locher's of Paris' new baby company is Maude and Tilda. Instead of Locher's usual style of being subtle, sweet and refined this first collection of Maude and Tilda is bold, loud and proud of its lustfulness for Chanel. Available on

-The unisex "Nothing Stops a Bullet" bag was designed by Studio Artecnica and Alex Lin and was screen printed by ex-gang members in Los Angeles with resources provided by Homeboy Industries, the largest gang intervention program in the U.S.. Part of the proceeds from the sale of each bag goes to Homeboy. Available at the MCA Store or on the MCA Store site.

-Suburban people who wish to represent area code 708 which was split off from area code 312 on November 11th 1989 can now be as unaffiliated as they wish to be with this "I (heart) 708" tote. There are no special features such as an interior cell phone pocket with this tote. Available on

-ChiTownClothing on Etsy has thought of a tote for diehard Cubs fans who think one day it will actually happen. As ChiTownClothing points out there have been 17 presidents, 6 American wars and 5 new states added to the nation since the Chicago Cubs won their last World Series. Available on ChiTownClothing's Etsy.

-When Andersonville's Haymaker Shop opened they hoped to snag farmer's market customers looking for a tote to put their rutabagas and radishes. The tote says "What Chicago Makes Makes Chicago" and was featured on their first day of business as the very first photo from a check-in on Foursquare. Available only at Haymaker Shop.

-Another Etsy vendor, ExLibrisJournals is crushing on Sir Mix A Lot and has created the "I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie" tote. This tote is custom-made to order tote is priced at $18 and is only available on ExLibrisJournals' Etsy.