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The Line Outside of Versace for H&M on N Michigan

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The line to shop The Very Best of Versace for H&M collection on Saturday morning stretched around the block to the Starbucks at 111 E Chestnut. The first 280 shoppers that included men received wristbands. The first person in line, Judd from Uptown had been waiting since 5PM the evening before and seemed perky as could be after the croissant and coffee service. He had no particular strategy for shopping the collection. After Judd, there was a team of women who arrived not long after Judd and were equally excited to shop the collection. Their strategy was to get in a "shop fast" mindset and were planning on shopping dresses and jackets first.
Throughout the line there were a few personalities of unexpected early morning style who included Paul from Lakeview, Melissa Malka, a dating coach and the infamous Gaudy God from Wicker Park. There were also expert line campers who toted along pillows, faux fur blankets, folding chairs and at least one flask.

We waited in line inside the store on the second level to shop the mens collection which was actually on the third floor, then we decided to head back down to ground level to see what people were buying.

Outside the shop we caught up with the lovely ladies who secured the collective second spot in line and asked them what they bought. True to their word, dresses and jackets were in the bags. We asked them how much they spent and answers stayed pretty consistent to the tune of $1,500-$1,900. Then the less talkative one chimed in and told us $3,400 and pulled out some hand bags and the jacket that Kanye wore to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
· The Very Best of Versace for H&M [H&M]

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