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BREAKING: Mega Borders to Become Mega Walgreens

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After months of speculation, we got confirmation this week that the largest Borders store in Chicago, now vacant is becoming a Walgreens. This space was the largest Borders of any of the Borders stores in Chicago which occupied 42,770 square feet. For a frame of reference to non-Lakeview residents this Borders was even larger than the Borders at State and Randolph which was only 32,000 square feet.

This will be the new location for the Walgreens currently at that intersection on the northeast corner of Diversey and Broadway. The store will be a very bright multi level megastore selling a larger range of product than they do currently. Construction will start in January and the store is slated to open in June.
· Walgreens [Official Site]

UPDATE: 11/23/2011 - External Walgreen Co. Media Relations cannot comment at this time.


2828 N Clark, Chicago , IL


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2817 N Clark, Chicago IL