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BOMBSHELL: Walgreens Opening in Empire State Building Next Summer

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We just got word that the Walgreens inside of The Empire State Building is slated to expand and open next June. Though the details are still sketchy on what will be inside we are told it will be part of the evolution of the "Wellness Experience" concept that we have seen integrated into some of their newer stores.

Though we fantasize this Walgreens store would actually be a floating dirigible docked at the top of the spire of the Empire State Building and be a combination of the Wall Street Duane Reade and the super future Andersonville store, we doubt it would be floating - that would be insanity.
· Walgreens [Official Site]

UPDATE: 11/23/2011 - External Walgreen Co. Media Relations cannot comment at this time.

UPDATE: 11/23/2011 - Walgreens is moving into the ground level and second level, out of their current space basement and ground level. This will allow for an enterance to the store from inside the building.


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