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Gifts on Made by Midwestern Designers

Racked is no longer publishing. Thank you to everyone who read our work over the years. The archives will remain available here; for new stories, head over to, where our staff is covering consumer culture for The Goods by Vox. You can also see what we’re up to by signing up here. has been booming lately and we think it's abut time we expose some Midwestern talent available on the site right now in their Holiday Shop. There are some pretty fancy items that you can buy as gifts and some that you may just want to keep for yourself. Click through for the breakdown. Oh, plus today, Cyber Monday you can get $10 in free credits to start with then another $10 credits for every $100 you order.

Build Your Own Coil Lamp Kit - $50 - By Craighton Berman
Is there someone on your list with handy aspirations, but still learning the ropes? Give them this D.I.Y Coil Lamp Kit, and let them participate in the design process. With just an average extension cord (throw one of those in too for good measure!), they’ll be able to make a chic lamp for using every day. And when their work is done, the Coil Lamp won’t be the only thing to light up.

Rainbow Pop Pillow - $38 - By Kii Arens
Which of your friends loves rock music and pop art the most? Make her (or him) feel extra-special with this vibrant satin print pillow. The two luscious, color-saturated rainbow ice pops were created by Kii Arens—a Minneapolis-based designer whose love of all things rock and pop comes straight from design-rich album covers. Arens’s signature is printed on the bottom corner, for a Warholian touch your groovy friend will appreciate.

Kraft Fab Field Notes - $8 - By Field Notes
These special Fab edition Field Notes notebooks make the perfect little gifts for everyone on your list—think stocking stuffer, work gift or a backup treat to give an unexpected guest. Field Notes loves to collaborate with cool kids on special editions, so we thought, Why not join in on the fun? There are now exclusive Field Notes which includes a set of three graph-ruled notebooks with natural-paper-colored covers, making them perfect for idea sketches and brilliant plans to take over the world.

Porcelain Butterfly Necklace - $20 - By Revisions Design Studio
Here’s a dainty gift for your most modernly feminine friend. Made of two unglazed old-timeyporcelain wings joined by a silver ring with glass bead, this fashionably king-sized butterfly floats at the end of a silver-plated chain—leaving it free to move along with its wearer.

Holiday Forget Me Not Ring - $35 - By Kiel Mead
For the romantic on your list (or the one who makes you feel the most romantic)—this Kiel Mead ring reinterprets the old tradition of tying a reminder knot around her finger. This graceful, delicate ring ismolded from real string, then cast by hand in metal alloy with a powder coated red finish.
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