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Wal-Mart Express is Now Open in Lakeview

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At 7:30 this morning the newest Wal-Mart Express opened it's doors with a ceremony. The 14, 800 square foot store is at 3636 N Broadway just south of Walgreens, just north of North Community Bank.

The store, filled with suits mingling about after the opening, sells health and beauty, meat products, frozen food, produce, cat food, magazines and some impulse gift items. The next location for an urban Wal-Mart will open at Chicago and Franklin and the one after that is controversially slated to open in the vacant Petsmart space at Broadway at Surf.

When we asked the Regional Manager of Marketing about a location in Uptown he declined to comment. However, if any of our readers would like to comment, we do have a space where you can do so below.
· Wal-Mart [Official Site]
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Walmart Express

3636 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60613 Visit Website

Wal-Mart Express

3636 N Broadway, Chicago, IL