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Lunch with Luxury Garage & Columbia; Vintage Smith Doing Beer & Waffles with Custom Tees

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BUCKTOWN -Matt Smith of Vintage Smith is having a beer & waffles party - not out of place for a pop-up store that sells vintage boots, jackets, blankets and tees in Bucktown. It happens Thursday, December 15th during afternoonish business hours into the evening. Pick up your very own custom Vintage Smith tee shirt for a nominal price, henceforth all proceeds will be donated to the Pulaski International School. [Racked Wire]

RIVER NORTH - Tomorrow, nine graduating seniors of Columbia who are enrolled in a class called New Retail Strategies are mixing and mingling over drinks and lunch-bites at Oak Street Design Studio at 57 W Grand. Here, they're chatting with Kate Schaffer about their Fall collaborations with Chicago's best luxury closeted Ebay personalities, Brielle Buchberg and Lindsay Segal
of Luxury Garage Sale. Throughout the semester students have exicuted new retail strategies in social media, marketing, visual branding and partnership with Luxury Garage Sale. [Racked Wire]

Vintage Smith

2041 N Damen Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614

Luxury Garage Sale

1658 N Wells Street, Chicago, IL 773-360-7293 Visit Website