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The Scene at James Perse Sample Sale

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Walking into 100 E Walton, where the James Perse Sample Sale is happening all this weekend, you'll find a security guard on your right, a table of marshmallows and chocolate on your right and a sea of merchandise just waiting for you to snag at up to 80% off. Women's in the front, men's in the back, fitting room in the back right-hand corner. Sale pricing is based on original retail pricing, fabric and complexity.

Men's Sample t-shirts, tops and bottoms are all $10 while jackets and sweaters are $20. Regular and current men's t's tops, polos, pants, shorts are $25, $30, $40, $50 or $60 while men's sweaters, jackets and robes are $125.

Women's Sample t's tops, bottoms, and skirts are $10 while dresses sweaters and jackets are $20. Regular and current women's t's, skirts, knits, shirting and shorts are $25, $30 or $40 while collection tops, sweat tops, sweaters, dresses, are $50 or $75. Women's collection sweaters are $105.

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