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Vogue for Tots 5 at Berlin Was ALL About Vogueing

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As Coyote DeGroot once said, "In this day and age, and especially during the holiday season, remembering “community” is of utmost importance." Which is precisely why so many people came out to support Vogue for Tots 5 at Berlin.

The Stardust crew who co-hosted with Coyote and DJ Samson from Le Tigre were accepting new, unused children’s toys for Labrabbit Optics awarded the winner of the vogueing competition a slick $200 gift card to the Labrabbit store at 1104 N Ashland.
· Stardust presents: Vogue for Tots 5 w/ JD Samson [Facebook]

Labrabbit Optics

1104 N Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622 773 957 4733

Berlin Nightclub

954 W Belmont Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657 773 348 4975