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Gifts for the Seeker of Serenity: Alapash Terrariums

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Chicago based, Marco Chavarry dreams of amazingly lush worlds in micro settings - he's our newest discovery - the creator of Alapash: Meaningful Terrariums. His goal is to create beautiful terrariums with a simple message: "no matter when or where, beauty and serenity are always at reach"
Alapash terrariums combine easy to care plants and traditional landscape influences with spiritual figures and hidden details. Currently, you can find Marco's unique hanging terrariums, and tabletop terrariums at the Andersonville Galleria. Also for this holiday season Marco has added a new line of Ornament Terrariums and DIY terrarium kits.
· Alapash: Meaningful Terrariums [Official Site]

Andersonville Galleria

5247 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60640 773 878 8570 Visit Website