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Two Must See Celeb Appearances on New Year's Eve

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LAKEVIEW - One of RuPaul's favorite Drag Race contestants, Manila Luzon will be fashionably hosting an over-the-top, jewel-studded New Year's Eve at Spin in Lakeview. In close competition to be out-queened, Sahara Davenport is rumored to show and perform two shows at 10pm and 11pm. Then at midnight there will be a dragtacular champagne toast and a $1000 balloon drop. [Racked Wire]

RIVER NORTH - And then you must find the energy in your loins to hustle down to Chicago Ave and schmooze with Real Housewife Taylor Armstrong who will be at Enclave. Once you arrive here there will be hired paparazzi and a Joan Rivers-esque interviewer on the red carpet asking you about recent gossip, your latest projects and who you're wearing. [Racked Wire]