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Did Christian Louboutin Sign a Lease on the Gap 1969 Space?

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Our man about town Jared Hatch investigates the rumor that Christian Louboutin is bringing his red-soled fantastics to North Rush Street. Yay or nay?

Last week, rumors were swirling about Christian Louboutin signing a lease opening in the Viagra Triangle—so we had to find out for sure. Aldo, situated across the street seemed to be the source of the cruel hoax, and may have even felt threatened by the imminent arrival of the high heeled giant. Climbing onto the shoulders of our well-informed neighborhood friends, we peered into the shop which formerly housed the now-defunct Jake and Gap's little cousin, 1969.

Although the paper in the windows at 939 North Rush does not advertise the space as being available, our sources tell us as of this morning, Christian Louboutin's Gold Coast outpost is just a red-soled fantasy? for now.
· Christian Louboutin [Official Site]

939 North Rush Street, Chicago, IL