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What Rahm Emanuel Ate For Dinner and Who Was His Female Companion Wearing?

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Normally, we rely on our friends over at Eater to give us the inside scoop on restaurants, but this was just too much glam for a plaid shirted hipster-approved Michelin Star whiskey bar:

Last night the holy trio of twitterati, @RackedChicago, @RackedNY and @HotelChatter went for an early dinner (7:30) at Logan Square's Longman and Eagle. We waited to be sat, ordered our drinks with the hotel's "&" whiskey tokens (complimentary in HotelChatter's room), and ordered our Saison Dupont. No more than six minutes later we noticed One Mister Mayor-Elect Rahm Emanuel at the table next to us with a female companion whom we would only assume to be involved in politics and we're pretty sure she wasn't his usual companion, Amy Rule.

Throughout our entire dinner, pretending like we were only there for the food and not the scene, we were sneaking looks at Rahm's female companion's outfit, wondering who made her shoes and who she was. We have a funny feeling she was a prospective city hall ally, or another political powerhouse already involved in Rahm's work life. We have the same type of feeling that the 3/4 sleeve leopard print sweater she was wearing was by Philosophy, her purse was a dark patent classic flip quilted Chanel and light suede 2 inch heels. Rahm himself looked to be wearing the classic light blue Brooks Brothers shirt, and some black square-toed Allen Edmonds leather lace-ups and what looked to be a Lee Allison woven silk necktie.

The Chicken

Soon after the front dining room's social scene was established (8:15), and another table of women in the back dining room had invited 3 additional women to the original size of their party (against Longman and Eagle's 'all of your party must be present' rules), Rahm and female companion's food had started coming to the table.

Rahm Emanuel Ate:
To drink, an Alma Negra, a Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina made in 2006 for $12. And to eat, the Mayor-Elect started with tete du cochon, sunny side up duck egg, pickled shallot, and parsley salad dressed with five spice mustard sauce for $12. For his main course Rahm chose the roasted Miller half chicken, pomme puree, swiss chard, caramelized onion, pickled cherry, and date jus for $18.

She Ate:
To drink, she had the French Eric Chevalier Chardonnay from the Loire Valley made in 2009 for $9. And to eat, she doesn't like cream sauces so the seared Maine scallops, dish that was supposed to contain braised oxtail, black truffle gnocchi, celery root, butternut squash and fontina fonduta was customized by the Chef Jared, himself. From what we understand from the Longman & Eagle kitchen, the altered dish contained cauliflower, roasted fennel, and beluga lentils for $12.

We leave you with all this intelligence and close by telling you that Rahm picked up the tab, and according to the staff is a big tipper. But still some questions remain: Who was this woman? @LongmanAndEagle - Do you know her name? Did Rahm get the police force discount on his dinner? And the big question: who made the shoes Rahm's female companion was wearing last night?
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Longman and Eagle

2657 N Kedzie Ave Chicago Il