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Hair Show Round-Up: The Best of the Best at America's Beauty Show

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Today marks the end of one more magical year of America's Beauty Show in Chicago. We absolutely loved the global A-list of hair and salon professionals that showed up and flew in from LA and Dallas to London and Dublin. In addition to the A-list, thousands of normal cosmetologists hailing from Iowa, Wisconsin, Tennesee, and Oklahoma showed up. Wether of the licensed cosmetologists in attendance were born this way or just coming out of the woodwork for the first time this year, the theatrics and spectac-tricks were not short coming. We wandered McCormick for days and rounded up the best of the best (or at least an accurate sampling) of the people at America's Beauty Show.
America's Beauty Show [Facebook]

McCormick Place

2301 S Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60616 312 791 7000