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Seven Art Books Rahm Emanuel Should Read Before he Takes Office

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Earlier this morning we headed down to Obama's favorite south side gem, Powell's Books in Hyde Park where we caught up with Kimberly. We ask her about our current political climate and what books she suggests for Rahm to look at before he takes office. Based on her studies at University of Chicago, this week she suggests seven of her favorite arty reads.

Being the intuit capital of the world, Chicago has been known home to countless outsider artists. One of the most well-known is Henry Darger, an outsider legend. Henry Darger Disasters of War. $95

Her second recommendation is Concrete Messages which was one of the first books about street art incorporating a political and social issues written by Zia Krohn & Joyce Lagerweij $30

Banksy's Bristol, Home Sweet Home by Steve Wright which catalogs Banksy's pre-pet store, pre-stardom, pre-Oscar nominated years and offers insight on the people's issues. $25

Then Kimberly suggests a mid-size hard cover of Bill Traylor, a mythical folk artist's story of being an uninhibited representation of a man of color in America. Deep Blues, Bill Traylor $65

Walls of Heritage, Walls of Pride - African American Murals by James Prigoff for $25 which features street murals from around the world including Chicagoian, Calvin Jones.

Kimberly leads us into the back room where she shows us Art in Chicago from 1945-1995 that Powell's has priced to sell at $35. This we feel may be the be the best value for Rahm, building on Dick Daley's legacy of placing art in the public space.

Waxing on local historical context mixing with urban philosophy, moving on to a higher bookshelf in the poetry section, she picks out Sifting Through The Madness of the World, The Line, The Way by Charles Bukowski $7.50

Powell's Books is located on the corner of 57th and Harper in Hyde Park and Kimberly (in all her smiley glory) walk you around the store and suggest pre-mayoral term reads in most any subject.
· Powell's Books [Official Site]