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What Vidal Sassoon Had For Dinner Last Night and Who He Was Wearing

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Last night we went out to Chicago Q, Chef Lee Ann Whipple's fairly new barbecue joint on Dearborn south of Division. Just as soon as we walked in we spotted our idol, the man who invented modern hairstyling. Vidal Sassoon.

We calmly enjoy our hushpuppies with a house-made spicy sauce and observe as the Gold Coast BBQ hotspot buzzed with the news of celeb appearance. Sassoon has been camping out in Chi-town since the Chicago premiere of his movie last saturday at the Cadillac Palace Theater. Vidal says he and his wife, Ronnie have been visiting his friends, The Allens of Oak Street for the week.

So we asked them what they enjoyed the most about dinner and Ronnie says the baked beans were fabulous but Vidal says he likes British baked beans better. The table ate "The Competition" slab of baby back ribs and a slab of Saint Louis baby back ribs for $26.75 and $24.75 respectively. Vidal ordered the smoked salmon steak for 23.75. He made a special point to say he loved everything about dinner and the key lime pie was the best he ever had. The rest of the table chimed in and agreed about the pie and we definitely agree with them.

So Vidal, who are you wearing?
He answers "A Givenchy sweater, Christian Dior pants and a Dries jacket"- Ronnie interrupts, "Wait- no- its an Ann Demeulemeester jacket I think we took out the tag"
We reply with "Hmm- maybe it was an itchy tag?" Ronnie says, "Probably was."

The movie, in which Vidal stars in, Vidal Sassoon: The Movie, opens tonight at the Music Box and shows 26 times through the 24th. We strongly suggest, if you haven't seen it yet in New York at the 2010 TriBeCa Fest or in Chicago at the Cadillac, you head over to the Music Box this weekend and get schooled on Vidal.
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Chicago Q

1160 N. Dearborn St. Chicago, IL