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Hot Rugby Players and Who Rita Thacker Was Wearing

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Who says you can’t go to a rugby game and still pay attention to fashion? The European sport made a stop on the Southside as the Chicago Lions played the Southside Irish, and your loyal Racked correspondents took a fashion cue from the players decked out in their shorts and jerseys. Sponsored by Canterbury, this brand makes a variety of fabrics, which can breed both comfort and style. From the players’ socks to their jerseys and shorts, this brand was in full effect. And with spring swiftly approaching, a pair of shorts coupled with a tank and the right jewelry can be perfect for a breezy afternoon. What else was in abundance? Knee socks (reminiscent of London schoolboys), black and white pieces and inevitably, stripes.

The players weren’t the only ones showing a bit of style. The ever fashionable stylist Rita Thacker was dressed to perfection with her Michael Kors watch, Nordstrom’s jacket and GORE-TEX boots paired with a unique fur bag.

So, whether you are hitting the gym or the Chicago streets, dress accordingly. A lesson we can take from these players? Don’t be afraid to show your legs. You don’t have to be a twig (or incredibly tan) to highlight strong, sculpted gams. And most importantly? Realize you can pick up fashion tips no matter where you are, especially in this great Mecca of Chicago. -Rea Frey
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